A Walk Down History

The celebrated Bengali cuisine and its glorious past If you wish get a real taste of history of Bengali cuisine, look no further. Adorning the pages of Bengal’s glorious past is a journey, steeped in culture and seasoned with experiences of a lifetime to remember. This story is one of Read More

Stories of Spices

Kodai Stories of Bengal – The secret of Paanch Phoron Bengali cuisine has been treasuring a secret ingredient mix for generations and it’s time we let the world know all about it. Connoisseurs of the world celebrate, for we’re introducing you to the crown jewel of Bengal’s flavour palate – Read More

Bengali Food Etiquette

The Bengali Food Etiquette – Your Guide To Eating Right The food culture of Bengal has witnessed evolution, over time, but the traditions of Bengali cuisine have remained intact, preserved for generations. The elaborate dishes are prepared in the kitchens, for the family, and it is usually a five course Read More

Cook Up A Storm

Cook Up A Storm With Hacks of Authentic Bengali Cooking Bengal’s flavour palate is one of the most refined not only in the country, but worldwide. Centuries of cultural experimentation and sprinkling of the right nuances, has made Bengal’s culinary geniuses acquire the right knowledge of combinations and preparation hacks. Read More


Food-tripping with culture – Bengali cuisine around the globe Bengali cuisine has had the influences of various cultures, especially during the post colonization period, as a result of which it is a pot of brewing wonders. Hijli badam or cashew, is a native of Southeast Brazil, was introduced to the Read More