Cook Up A Storm

Cook Up A Storm


Cook Up A Storm With Hacks of Authentic Bengali Cooking

Bengal’s flavour palate is one of the most refined not only in the country, but worldwide. Centuries of cultural experimentation and sprinkling of the right nuances, has made Bengal’s culinary geniuses acquire the right knowledge of combinations and preparation hacks. And we, are serving the best of Bengali ranna tips, to you!

Rule the roost with roasted moshla

Garam masala is a celebrated combination of spices in most Indian kitchens, but Bengalis have their own special take on it – Gota Moshla. When you intend to create a true Bengali delicacy, go the Gota Moshla way, which is by roasting the garam masala spices for the extra punch of deliciousness. The subtle flavours are also enhanced if the roasted spices are ground to a dry mix, instead of the otherwise unroasted traditional garam masala mix. The quantity of roasted moshla mix then required to amplify the taste of your dish, is also comparatively lesser than the original masala mix.

Peeling the layers for the secret ingredient

Adding onion to any dish can instantly bring out the flavours being prepared, but the cut and consistency of the onion makes a world of difference. Slices, dices, paste or chunks of onion take different amounts of time to cook, and the texture adds the required amount of sweetness and balance to your preparation. Here’s a trick that’s a classic hand-me-down in homes of Bengal – strain the onion paste and add only the extracted water to perfect the consistency of your dish. Add this trick to your Macher Jhol or Kochi Pathar Jhol or even to your Bengali-style Chicken Rezala, to not let the textures of onion interfere with the perfect textures of your dish. Keep the consistency just right, and smooth, and let the taste explode in your mouth!

Doilicious hack for your kitchen

Have you heard about the gorgeous Doi Rui that can woo any Bengali’s appetite? Well, here’s what makes the flavours so beautiful – Hung Curd. Curd is added to many Bengali recipes to make it creamy and add the right piquancy to balance out all the spices, but, and there is a but, it cannot be too watery. Bengalis have different styles of preparation, the jhol, the korma, the kosha and the bhapa being namely a few. And when using Doi as a marinade, a thickening agent or a star ingredient of the dish, the consistency and the amount is key. So perfect this delicious hack, by using a muslin cloth and letting the curd hang in it over a bowl, overnight, before using it. Even mouthwateringly better, if the curd is homemade!

You must’ard about this must-have

Yes, mustard! You read it right. If there’s one thing Bengalis will never say no to, it’s their good old Shorsher Tel. Every Bengali dish is perfected with a mix of culinary tricks and spices but the only constant that anchors it to authentic Bengali yumminess, is Mustard Oil. So cook like a Bengali, by stocking up your kitchen with surplus supply of refined mustard oil, and do your grocery shopping the delicious way!

A trick that’s fin-garlic-king good

Garlic, or Roshun as Bengalis call it, is a celebrated kitchen ingredient in every rannaghor (read : Bengalis can’t live without Garlic). But the extent of their love for the spice, crosses all limits as they add more than a couple of whole Garlics into their traditional Mangsho recipes. And boy, does it taste good! The pungent flavours of Garlic do not overpower the other flavours but help bring it out instead – and this is because the garlic is not crushed and the cloves remain intact in their outer covering. The cloves, slow cooked to perfection, turn into melt-in-the-mouth gorgeousness, and the flavour seeps into the gravy through the outside covering. Cook your traditional Mangshor Jhol with the best kept secret of Bengali kitchens and rediscover happiness for your taste buds.

The aroma that’s Gondho-raj

Gondhoraj Lime : A pungent hybrid variant of Rangpur lime, emerging from the fertile and flavour-rich land of Bangladesh, that is a to-die-for kitchen ingredient. And if you don’t believe us, ask any Bengali you know! The king of limes in matters of freshness, flavour and fragrance, reigns supreme on every Bengali platter. Add just a small squeeze of Gondhoraj Lebu to your daal for starters and let the aroma wow your mind! Bengalis, today, even approve of a taste of Gondhoraj in everything from their refreshments, to the chicken main course to their sweet dish. So what are you waiting for?

Move on from chaunk to Chini

Last but not the least, add the finishing touch to your dish, not with the tadka of chaunk, but with chini. A sprinkle of sugar adds a spectacular brownish colour to your dish by caramelizing it, and not only does your dish look more rich, it tastes mysteriously better than any other version of itself. So there, add the cherry on top of perfection and let it simmer before you serve up a storm!

Get the right balance of the above kitchen hacks and more, in an elaborate range of culture rich recipes, traditionally prepared by gourmet chefs in the wonderful ambience of 6 Ballygunge Place. Come, get a taste of an experience to remember for a lifetime!

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