Nadia Mishti Festival

Nadia Mishti Festival

Location: Ballygunge, Salt Lake Sector I and Ecosuite, Rajarhat
On: January 14, 2019

The Nadia Mishti Festival comes to Kolkata

An array of delicious treats is travelling to Kolkata, from the heart of Nadia, and 6BP proudly celebrates this noteworthy event with the sweetest festival ever!

We are proud to be creating history, with a festival dipped in Bengali heritage and culture. Nadia was once part of Gauda, a country that was named after gur or jaggery. Nadia’s legendary sweet delicacies have been celebrated since ancient times, and people travel far and wide to get a taste of the mishti classics, till today. The tradition of Nadia’s mishti-making by the karigors has gifted us with sarpuria and sarbhaja, and sweetmeats made with milk and khoya, much before the Portuguese brought the concept of curdling milk for the production of chana to India.

Relish a festival fit for connoisseurs of good taste as you experience the culinary craftsmanship of the mishti artists of Nadia.

Nadia Mishti Festival starts from 14th Jan at:

6 Ballygunge Place @ Ballygunge, Salt Lake Sector I and Ecosuite, Rajarhat

The Royal Kebab Festival @ The Bengal Lounge

The Royal Kebab Festival @ The Bengal Lounge

Location: The Bengal Lounge
On: September 14, 2018

Human’s beings’ tryst with Kebab began about a million years ago when early humans started cooking with fire. It all began when the early human started cooking game meat on skewers. Cut to 1377 CE, the word ‘kebab’ entered our culinary dictionary thanks to the Kissa-i-Yusuf, a Turkish manuscript and the oldest known source where the word ‘kebab’ is mentioned as food. It has been a long journey since then. What better way to commemorate this love affair between man and his kebab than Kebab-e-Ishq, Read More

Ilish festival @ 6BP & 6BP Thali

Ilish festival @ 6BP & 6BP Thali

Location: 6 Ballygunge Place & 6 Ballygunge Place Thali
On: August 2, 2018


All good things take time, which explains why our Ilish festival finally kicks off this August! At 6 Ballygunge Place, we never compromise with quality, which is why we aligned our Ilish festival at a time when the fish is available in abundance. The tasty fish has been moulded into a specially curated menu by our in-house celebrity, Chef Sushanta Sengupta (Director, 6 Ballygunge Place) and he says,

Read More

<span>6</span> Ballygunge Place opens at Rajarhat

6 Ballygunge Place opens at Rajarhat

Location: Rajarhat
On: April 11, 2018

After a decade of waiting, the city finally got its third 6 Ballygunge Place restaurant. While the promise to serve the best Bengali cuisine remains intact, our trademark address now makes it’s debut, in a 6000 square feet, 84- seater, old zamindari style nook, at Ecosuite Business Tower, Action Area II, New Town. Read More

Musings @ The Bengal Lounge with Prosenjit Chatterjee

Musings @ The Bengal Lounge with Prosenjit Chatterjee

Location: The Bengal Lounge
On: February 10, 2017

Get ready to experience! Here are some selected moments from the enthralling adda session of the first edition of Musings @
The Bengal Lounge with Roopsha Dasguupta Ray Read More

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